Movie sets

From 2001 we participated in the structural design of film sets, and special effects structures. This kind of work is fun and recreation for us, a break between building projects. The tasks are most often unusual, moreover, in case of special effects, they seem mission impossible. Well, this is the reason why our company is involved!

These projects included collapsing bridges (Eragon, World Without End), lifeboats falling from a mock ship into the water (Titanic), paper balloons (John Adams), a house with removable walls (Munich), a landing area for helicopters on the roof of an old building (Spy Games), an island in the middle of a lake (World Without End), the streets of New York in Etyek (Hellboy2), and many other buildings, cathedrals, gardens of Vatican, a Chinese prison, etc…

Working in the field of film-making is an outstanding experience, as it is a very effective, purposeful, and well-organized industry.