About MTM

We are MTM Ltd.
Designers and Editors, who are members of a design office founded in 1991 by three young structural engineers.

Our close-knit team’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of structural design. This includes the reconstruction of historical monuments, office buildings, public buildings, special and unique structures, civil engineering structures, industrial floors, and high-rise building structures, all of which are part of our daily tasks. We are the exclusive experts in the domestic market for designing plastic fiber-reinforced industrial floors, spatial concrete structures, and lightweight monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. We have several decades of experience in designing special structures and durable structures for film industry sets.

The buildings we design have been realized in numerous locations from Brussels to Siberia. We keep up with market and construction trends, while striving to transform every architectural demand into reality.

It is important that alongside our own well-being, the services we provide to our partners are unique and comprehensive. We believe in creating value, taking responsibility, and conducting clean, fair business.